How to Make Your Own Postcard from a Postcard, Not a Photo

The best postcards are made from the right materials.

We know how important postcards and photographs are, but now it’s your turn to learn how to make your own.

With this easy tutorial, you’ll be able to create a stunningly beautiful and simple postcard.

We’re including a free photo print-and-play, so you can print out the card yourself and get started.

You’ll need: Postcard or photo paper (we recommend 100-gsm paper for best results, and 200-gpm paper for the best results) A paperclip, which can be any length and with any size The correct size of a marker pen, or a small, medium, or large size ink pen If you have a camera or digital camera, make sure you have one of those.

You can also use a pen-based marker.

Instructions: Cut the card into the desired shape and print it using the card’s photo paper.

You should then place the card on your wall.

You may need to trim the edges a bit to make the postcard appear more square and to ensure the card is centered in your photo shoot.

Use a pencil or marker to create lines and then cut the edges.

(If you’re printing the card, use a paperclip to help with the spacing.)

Place the postcards on your desk or easel, or place them on the ground to create an indoor space.

To create a background photo, use any photo of your choice.

(We recommend using a landscape photo for a perfect background photo.)

Then place the photo on the post card and take a photo of the image on the card.

(For best results with this tutorial, use the same photo that was taken with your camera.)

You can then save the image and use it in your next postcard as a photo reference.

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