I had the time of my life on my wedding day!

My wedding was one of the biggest things in my life and I was completely exhausted, so I decided to make it something special for my wife and my daughter.

So I decided I would make a stationery print that was the perfect way to show off our anniversary.

The print had been printed on cardstock and was just hanging on the wall at our table.

My daughter, who is a budding artist, was going to take the picture and share it on Instagram and I would post it with the hashtag #mywedding.

So, when I heard I was going out with my daughter, I knew I was doing something special!

I knew it was going the best way possible for her, because I was planning to spend most of the day at home and just hang out with her.

I also knew that I would be spending a lot of time on the wedding day.

So to make my daughter happy, I decided the best thing to do was make her a stationary print that I could hang on the walls.

The only problem was that the stationery was so tiny and I could barely fit it all in my hands.

Theres a catch though, theres only one side of the print, and so it was very difficult to get the entire thing in my hand.

I went to my friends and said I needed to make a small print, but I needed a little help.

So my friend sent me a print that could fit my hand, so that was a great help!

So, after a few days of printing the print on card stock, I had a stationer print that she could share on Instagram.

The final product is a tiny, handmade stationery printed on a cardstock, with a tagline and message on it.

I loved making the print and the result was so adorable, that I made a few more of them for my daughter and she has a bunch of them hanging in her bedroom!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!

Please share it with your friends and make sure you tag #myweding with #myjourneytoinstagram so you can see all the cute and sweet photos! Enjoy!

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