What’s up with the fake “DC” stationery?

A bunch of DC stationery stores around the country have taken to Facebook to announce the launch of fake “D.C. stationery” in an effort to boost sales and attract customers.

The “DC-branded” stations will have the official “DC metro area” logo and have DC logos on the back of them.

In addition, the stores will also sell DC branded gifts.

The fake “MDC” stations are a big hit on the internet, as many of the stations are very popular on Amazon and have been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

Some stations also have “DC street name” stickers, a common trick used by the “fake” DC stations.

Some retailers are already using the fake stations to sell DC-branded gift cards.

“DC stationery will have all the DC metro area logo, as well as the DC area’s official city and state logos, and will be sold at DC retail stores,” said a Facebook post from the “DC Metro Area Stationery” store chain.

“It will have DC metro, state, and local parks, museums, and other landmarks in our district.

There will be no DC city name.

DC station will be available at most stores, but we are asking you to share this with friends and family, so they can get the product as soon as possible.”

The Facebook post claims that DC stationeries will be “sold at select retail outlets in the DC metropolitan area including Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Best Buy, along with participating convenience stores.”

But, there’s a catch: Customers have to get the fake stationery to use the fake DC stations, which the stores say they can’t do because the fake merchandise is prohibited in DC.

“We understand that some of you may not be familiar with the city of Washington and its laws on DC stationers,” the post says.

“However, we have taken this opportunity to explain to you that it is not legal to sell fake DC stationer to any individual or entity.

The DC stationing and advertising laws specifically prohibit the use of any item which is not authentic, as these items are used to promote a fictitious entity or company.

Therefore, no DC station can be sold to any person or entity.”

In addition to selling fake DC “stationery,” the fake shops will also be selling DC merchandise, such as DC street names and DC city logos.

They will also offer DC-themed gift cards and other items.

There’s also an “adult coloring book” section with DC-specific illustrations.

The Facebook page for “DC Stationery,” which has about 5,000 likes, says: “The DC area has many exciting things to offer and it is our hope that our store will provide a source of inspiration for those who are looking for DC stationering.”

However, it’s unclear whether the DC-only shops will still be in operation or if they will be shut down.

“As a store owner, I’m always looking to find new ways to make DC more relevant to our customers and communities, so we are excited to be joining the rest of the DC community in offering DC stationercards, DC city names, and DC street name stickers,” the store owner said in the Facebook post.

“If you are interested in selling DC station cards or stationery items please contact us at [email protected]

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