Kate Spade’s studio opens at Bottega Veneta

Bottegas Veneta is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious art galleries.

Now the studio is expanding with the opening of a new, 10×10 space in the building’s former space.

The studio, which opened in 2017, has an expansive gallery and studio floor that is home to a wide range of contemporary artworks.

The space is located at Bodega Venetas art gallery on Broadway and is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The gallery is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The Bottegas Venetes new 10×11 space will be the first art gallery space at the venue, which is in the former building of the St. Regis hotel.

The space, which also houses a number of other studios and galleries, will have an open floor plan, and will feature a full-length glass wall with windows on all four sides.

The artist’s studio is located on the second floor.

The building is undergoing a $2.7 million renovation, which includes repainting of the ceiling, installing new lighting, and renovating the lobby.

The lobby is also being renovated, and a large mural is being added to the lobby entrance.

The new 10 x 10 studio space will also be the home to Kate Spades Studio, a studio that opened in 2018.

The art house and fashion designer has worked with artists including David Hockney, Marc Jacobs, David Furnish, John Cassavetes, and more.

The first floor space is home, with the second and third floors being occupied by the artist’s and studio’s respective galleries.

The 10 x 11 studio space, as well as the existing gallery space, will feature space for a large number of artists, as opposed to just the artists who reside there.

“Kate Spades is the greatest artist in the world, and she’s really, really important to us,” said Chris McLean, Bottegs Venetia’s owner.

“We really wanted to have a place where our artists could actually show their work and not have to leave the building.”

The studio, located at 513 Broadway, is located just across the street from the Bodegas Venetias current location at 1155 Broadway.

Bodegas has previously housed artists including Mark Rothko, Toni Erdmann, and David Lynch.

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