The Vogue Cover Story is Coming to the Web: ‘A Beautiful Man’

The Vulture’s new cover story on the Vogue fall 2014 collection is on the way.

“A Beautiful Woman” will be available for purchase Nov. 2.

“My name is Viki and I love to write,” Viki tells us in the article.

“I love to tell stories.

But I’m also a journalist.

I’m passionate about making stories.

That’s why I decided to do a cover story about Vogue’s fall collection, a collection that captures the essence of the brand in the digital age.”

Viki is no stranger to cover stories.

She wrote a story for the magazine in 2014 on the iconic, and still iconic, Polaroid photo of a smiling, happy-go-lucky woman in her 80s.

“The fact that she’s in this picture shows that this is not just a photo of someone that’s happy, it’s a picture of a woman that is happy.

This is not the image of someone who is unhappy.

This image captures the power of Vogue,” she says in the story.

“When I was younger, I loved the Polaroids.

When I was older, I was so obsessed with them that I thought the images were magical.

I remember sitting in my living room, staring at them, imagining the perfect portrait of myself and all the people around me.

It was such a rush.”

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