Staples and K-Mart to launch Staples Plus, a digital platform for e-commerce

Staples and its partner K-mart will introduce Staples Plus as a new subscription service for retailers, with the aim of making it easier for customers to shop online.

Staples will offer online ordering through Staples Plus and Staples Direct, which it has a 50% stake in, and it will also launch a digital store, Staples Plus.

The new platform will allow customers to place their orders online and then be able to pay via the Staples website or through their online payments provider.

The Staples Plus subscription service will cost $7.99 per month.

Stores with at least 5,000 customers will be eligible for the service, which will be offered for $9.99.

Staples said in a statement that it will make it easier to order online by introducing a new payment method that allows customers to pay online with their mobile phones, which Staples is currently targeting.

The service will be available to existing Staples customers as well as new customers.

Stampers, based in Kansas City, Kansas, has been a leader in the digital-commerce space since it launched its online store in 2013.

But it recently lost its leading online retailing rival Inc, which is also headquartered in Kansas, to a merger with the e-book publisher Penguin Random House.

Staples has said that it aims to become a “multi-channel” retailer by integrating its existing e-tailer business, which includes online orders and online shipping, with its own online retail business.

Staple is expected to debut the new platform on Thursday.

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