A New York-style holiday decor store with holiday stationery for sale

At a time when people are rushing to find Christmas gifts for themselves and loved ones, many people are trying to find the right gift for their loved ones to enjoy.

At a Christmas stationery store in Otrio, New York, shoppers are finding new ways to enjoy their holiday spirit and are choosing gift ideas that will be more festive than a box of presents.

In the heart of the Otrio Mall, where shoppers are lining up to pick up gifts from the store, decorating stationery has become popular as the holiday season comes to a close. 

The decorating store at the Otroo Mall, on Otroro Street in Otro, New Jersey, has seen an increase in shoppers. 

 New York-Style Christmas Stationery: Gift Ideas for the HolidaysIn the Otiroo mall, where Christmas stationers have been busy filling shelves, many of the items they have chosen are festive, according to owner, Lauren Lattanzio. 

“We’ve been working on creating some really cool Christmas stationer products.

We have a Christmas Christmas Stationer Kit that comes with a gift box that is all the essentials to decorate a room for Christmas,” she said.”

There’s a whole line of gift cards that have come out that have a card with a picture of Santa Claus and we’ve also got Christmas Stationers that are perfect for the kids. 

We have a line of stationery products that are really perfect for decorating a room.”

Christmas Stationery Store at Otro Street, Otro New JerseyIn the holiday spirit, Lattantzio and her partner, Emily Lattantzio, are selling the Christmas Stationering Kit, which includes a gift bag, Christmas Stationing Card, a card for your favorite holiday character, and a card that comes in an old-fashioned wooden box. 

As people have moved out of the shopping center and are now at home or away on vacation, they are looking for something more festive to fill their holiday stationer boxes, said Lattanzio.

“We have something for everyone, we have a huge range of stationer kits that are designed for every person,” she added. 

Custom-made stationery with a wide selection of gift ideasThe store is selling Christmas Stationered Stationer Kits for a price of $75 each, plus a gift card for each purchase, according a spokesperson for the store. 

Christmas Stationers are hand-made in Italy, which means that the stationers are made of real wood and are very durable. 

In addition to the traditional gifts and stationery items, shoppers can also choose to add a custom item to their stationer box to create a unique gift. 

Lattanzian said they were inspired by the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and realized that the best way to show that people love each other and celebrate Christmas would be to create an atmosphere where people are smiling.

“I think that is what the season is all about,” she explained. 

She also noted that the store is a part of the “Dance at Christmas” event held every year in the mall. 

‘A New York Christmas’Store owner Lauren Lappanzio said that the Christmas stationering store is not a store that specializes in traditional holiday decorating.

“In our store, we’re just focused on the holiday and how to make the most of it,” she told Business Insider. 

This is one of the many holiday stores that are opening in the Otroso Mall in Otrosia, New Brunswick.

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