Which Asian store stocks the best Christmas tree?

AUSTIN, Texas — If you’re a diehard Christmas tree lover, you’ll probably know which local shop stocks the freshest Christmas tree.

The latest numbers from the National Association of Tree Show show that of the top 10 sellers, five are in Texas: Beverly Hills, Bryan, Lubbock, Austin, Houston, Memphis and San Antonio.

And there’s another four in the works: Memorial Park, Fort Worth, North Dallas and Fiesta Park.

For those who want to pick up a new tree, they can shop at these four locations.

The tree that was featured in this story, which was originally published on March 26, 2018, is the Bare Tree of the Month at the Texas Tree Show in Austin, which runs through December. The BARE tree has an 18-foot tall, 2,000-pound (800-kilogram) tree trunk that’s made from locally harvested trees.

The BARNEY tree is an 18.7-foot (5.5-meter) tall tree with a 15-foot-tall (4.4-meter)-high (2.8-meter-wide) base, which is made from trees harvested in the Lone Star State.

It’s the only Barrymore tree in the country.

The BARNEY store is also in Austin.

The BARE store is in Bryan.

The BARNEY store is in North Dallas.

The Texas Tree Show is held in Dallas from November through January each year.

The event attracts millions of people to the Texas Panhandle and surrounding areas.

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