What to buy when you’re shopping for stationery

You might want to check out this little stationery aesthetic: It’s pretty standard, but you’ll probably want to pick up something a little more interesting and quirky.

That’s the idea behind this cute little station, which is available for a limited time. 

The $10 stationery set includes 12 colorful stationery pieces and a selection of stickers and accessories. 

It’s available now and comes in both plain white and a metallic silver finish. 

(Note: I purchased mine in white.) 

The stationery is perfect for decorating the kitchen, living room, or office.

It comes with a lot of neat touches: It comes packaged with a set of two pieces, a sticker for decor and a piece of paper with an illustration of the item. 

Each stationery piece has its own unique design and the sticker comes in a variety of sizes.

You can find the entire set on Etsy here . 

If you’d like to add a few extra pieces to your home, there are also stationery accessories available. 

Here’s the full selection of stationery.

(Sorry, this is currently unavailable.) 

(via Etsy) (source Polygon)

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