Holiday Stationery Box Set of 5 by the Hawaii Star-Advertiser!

Free gift card available for a limited time.

The holiday stationery box sets from the Hawaii star-advertiser are a perfect way to show off your holiday gifts.

Each box set features a personalized letter, a small holiday card, and a letter from the staff at the Hawaii stationery store.

The box sets include:• Holiday Letter Box Set from the Honolulu Star- Advertiser• Letter Box Box Set for Santa Clause from the Hawaiian Star-adison• Letter box set for Santa Cruz from the Santa Cruz stationery shop• Letterbox Set for the Holiday Season from the Holiday Stationeries from the Los Angeles Times• LetterBox Set for Christmas from the New York Times• Holiday Stationering Book Set from The Times• Christmas Stationery Set from New York• Holiday Card Set from ABC News• Holiday Gift Card from ABC• Holiday Cards from The Associated Press• Holiday T-Shirt Set from Amazon.comThe Holiday StationerBox sets come in a variety of colors and sizes.

For example, a holiday stationer box set with a black cardstock paperback can be used for a small, casual gift.

Each set comes with a personalized holiday card.

You can use the letter box set or the card box set to create a personalized card for a special holiday occasion.

The Holiday Stationers also come in small and large sizes.

You will also find a card box for a personalized gift for someone special, such as your grandma or mom.

The Holiday stationery boxes are available for $12.95 each or $35.95 for a gift card.

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