Australian stationery set to get new ‘truly unique’ stickers

Australia’s stationery industry has received a major update, with the country’s most popular brand, Australian Stationery, making the leap from its iconic white “T” to its new “T.”

The company has released the first new stickers in a decade and a new set of “T”-themed stationery for a new range of products.

The “T-stickers” feature a T-shaped sticker which resembles a T, with an image of a blue, yellow, or green T.

The sticker can be used on either the back of a card or inside a package.

You can choose to use it in either an individual or a group format.

The company says the stickers have been created in collaboration with Melbourne’s popular Australian Museum and it’s a collaboration between Australian Stationary and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

“We’re delighted to be the first Australian company to use a new T-sticker, inspired by the Australian Museum, as our first Australian Stationer.

The T-style is the best known and most widely recognised T-shape, but it’s also the most widely used and most used on our stamps,” the company said in a statement.”

The new T stickers are a new way to mark your own identity, and we are proud to use the T-Shaped logo on our new stamps.”

The new “truly special” T-sticks come in two different designs.

The “S-Stickers” include a square sticker with a “S” in the middle of it, and the “M-Sticker” features a circle with an “M” in it.

The new designs will be available from May 15, and Australia’s second biggest brand will launch the first wave of “Mstickers”.

The brand will also launch new products based on “Tstickers.”

The new stickers are available to purchase for $20 each, which is a $30 discount from the regular price of $45.

“With this new T sticker set, Australian T stationery will be one of the most popular in the world,” the firm said.

“Australian T stationers have become synonymous with our nation’s unique stationery culture, and are a unique, unique and iconic way of communicating our values of inclusion, diversity and inclusivity.”

The “M Stickers” are also available for $15 each.

“Msticker” will be the name of a new stamp featuring an image from the Melbourne Museum of Art.

“The ‘M’ stands for Melbourne, and is the largest symbol in the museum’s collection,” the museum said.

Australia’s most famous stationery brand, British Stationery Co. is the only Australian company still producing stamps in Australia.

The Museum of the Australian National Museum is the Australian national museum and museum of Australia, and has an exhibition dedicated to Australian Stationering.

Australian Stationery has been making stamps for more than 80 years.

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