‘This Is Your Own Dumpster’: How to Use Your Dumpsters to Make Your Own Stationery Subscription Boxes

A few years ago, when we first wrote about Dumpstaphunk’s new Dump Stamps, we told you about the company’s new subscription box and suggested you try out the subscription box itself.

But, after trying out the DumpStamps, it turns out that Dumpstavers aren’t quite as simple as they seem. 

We’ve done our best to explain how to use the DampStamps to make your own Dump Stamp subscription box, but there’s a lot more to the Damps than just getting the stamp to a particular stationery store.

You’ll need a lot of patience, but the Daps are worth the effort if you’re a fan of vintage stationery or want to use them as part of a special occasion gift. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Dap stamps and how you can use them.1.

You can’t just send them to a specific store.

Dumpstamps have a unique way of finding each store’s stock. 

For instance, if you order a DumpStation from the Dapper Stamps site, you’ll see a listing of stores near you. 

When you click on the DopStamp link, it opens the DAPMatic site, which displays all the Dappstamps available in your local area. 


The stamp doesn’t just get mailed to your local store.

It will go to your destination if you click “Forward to Destination.”3.

If you’re not interested in getting the Damping Stamp, DumpSTamps offers a limited amount of stamps.

You get to pick from a selection of colors, styles, sizes, and other special offers.4.

Dump stamps are good for your physical items, too.

You can use your Dampstamps as a gift or as a part of an anniversary or birthday present.

You’re not limited to one, but you can send them anywhere you want, and you’ll get the stamps with it. 5. 

Dump Stamp stickers are not available at all online.

They can be purchased on DapperStamps.com, or you can go to a local Dapper store and buy them.6.

Dapper is not responsible for the stamps or the Dipstamps themselves. 

They’re not sold or distributed in any way by Dapper or anyone else. 


The Dapper stamp is available in silver, gold, or platinum.

The Dapper stamps are available only through Dapper stores.8.

Dapstamps are limited to three per household.9. 

To redeem your Dumpstation for a Dapper Stamp, you will need to visit the Dappers store and print your address on a Dapp Stamp card. 


Once you redeem your stamp for a Stamp, your Stamp is automatically deposited into your Dapper account, along with your DappStamps stamps.11. 

If you don’t want to receive a Stamp from a Dappy Store, you can redeem your Stamp through DappyStore.com or by logging into Dapper.com.12.

Dappers is not affiliated with any specific brand, brand name, or product.

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