$4.6bn investment in Diy stationeries puts Diy in position to be world’s leading stationery brand

Diy’s investment in more than 100 new stations in South-East Asia, China and Vietnam will see the brand become the world’s largest stationery store chain, according to its latest financial results.

The investment, which is valued at $4,631 million, is part of Diy Group’s broader strategy to expand and develop its business globally, which has already seen Diy expand its footprint to South-east Asia, Asia and Europe.

The Diy brand is already leading the way in terms of the number of outlets, as Diy has a presence in more countries than any other brand in the country.

In South-eastern Asia, Diy Co., the parent company of Diya, has more than 1,000 outlets in 25 countries and has expanded into Asia, with more than 2,000 stations.

In South America, Diya has more outlets in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Uruguay.

In the Philippines, Diyanys outlets have been in the market since 2010, when it entered the market with the Diya brand.

Its brands have been recognised across the globe, including the British Museum, the Australian Museum, and the British Library.

At the same time, Diydas popularity has grown in recent years.

“The Diya portfolio has seen a dramatic expansion over the past 12 months.

We have invested heavily in new and innovative new markets to grow our business globally,” Diy Managing Director, CEO, and Founder, T. Sreedharan, said in a statement.

Diy’s stock price rose as much as 20 per cent on Monday to a record high of $6,976 per share.

For Diy, the investment in South East Asia is part and parcel of a larger strategy to diversify the brand.

The company has expanded to Australia and New Zealand, and its flagship brand, DiY, is set to launch its own online platform next month.

Earlier this year, Diys flagship brand Diya is set for a launch with a new online store in the US.

A Diy spokesperson said the company would be in the process of making more announcements about its plans for its online store.

About Diy:Diy is an innovative, sustainable and sustainable-minded brand with a focus on providing an experience that is simple, intuitive and comfortable for all consumers.

It is committed to delivering the highest quality products to the people of the world and has a dedicated staff of dedicated and dedicated professionals, who are dedicated to delivering an innovative and sustainable business model that is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement.

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