When the students are in class, teachers are out of their minds

When teachers have to teach, they must work around the clock to keep up with students, according to new guidelines issued by the New Jersey Board of Education.

The new guidelines are aimed at teachers, administrators and others who want to be effective in meeting their students’ needs in classrooms and are struggling with a shortage of supplies, supplies they need and resources to work with the school system.

“This is not the way to run a school,” said board member Lisa Gossett, a Democrat who represents the district in the state Legislature.

“It’s not the right way to operate a school.

We need a resource that is effective, that is not in the middle of a crisis and that is responsive to the needs of the students.”

Teachers are encouraged to take the time to think about what’s needed and how to make that happen, she said.

They should also be mindful that the resource needs of a school are not the same as the needs for a student.

They must also be conscious of the fact that when they are working with students on a daily basis, they are dealing with students who are going to need resources and resources for a long time, Gossetts said.

The guidelines have already been adopted by the board and teachers have until Dec. 31 to sign off on the changes.

They are required to meet a minimum of 50 percent of the instructional needs of students in grades 7-12, or 70 percent for students in third grade.

The board has until Jan. 6 to approve the changes, which are required by the state law.

They were released Thursday.

The changes also call for more accountability and accountability training for teachers.

“If a teacher does not know the difference between a safety concern and a safety issue, they’re not going to do their jobs,” Gossetsaid.

“The teachers need to be accountable for how they’re addressing those issues and making sure that the needs are met.”

Teacher union officials say teachers are working on the rules, which include: Teachers must report to their supervisor any time a student becomes disruptive, disruptive behavior, or fails to follow instructions.

Teachers can be fired for any reason for any behavior, and must also follow a new set of policies that include mandatory mandatory school suspensions for any students who “show signs of being disruptive to the education of another student, or is otherwise not complying with instructions or guidelines of the school.”

Teaching unions also are asking for more resources for classroom resources, including: The creation of a districtwide staffing coordinator who is responsible for the management of all resources and other resources used by teachers in the district, and who will also have oversight of the district’s supply system and equipment and the staffing of staff and paraprofessionals, Gonsettsaid. 

The new staffing coordinator must also work with principals, principals’ staff and staff to create an “independent working group” to work out a plan to manage and distribute the districtwide supplies.

The staffing coordinator will be paid $15,000 a year and be authorized to use the district budget to buy supplies from the school district.

Gossettsaid said teachers have also been asked to sign a new “no-policies” agreement that will include “all-inclusive training on what it means to be a good teacher, what it really means to work hard, and what it takes to be an effective teacher.”

“Teachers need to understand that they’re expected to do a job and that it’s not a choice,” she said, “and to not let them down.”

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