Why are Christians celebrating Easter at football stadiums?

The season is on its way to a start on Sunday, and many in Italy are celebrating the resurrection of Easter by visiting the football stadiums to watch football, and especially the football of Juventus.

The following video was made from a video uploaded to YouTube by the official channel of the Italian football association, AC Milan.

In the video, a player wearing a red and white jersey and holding a sign that reads “Easter in Rome”, is shown going to the Turin Stadio Olimpico (Stadio Roma) to watch a match against Palermo.

In Italy, the official Christmas Day celebration takes place in the stadium of the Lazio team that is playing against Pescara on Sunday.

According to a video on the official Twitter account of the club, the players and staff are gathered at the stadium to celebrate the arrival of Christmas, and that the fans can also celebrate by going to their respective stands and eating food.

The team is expected to travel to Rome to take part in the Christmas Day game. 

In Italy you can also find the official Easter Egg Hunt, which is conducted in several stadiums, on the streets of Rome and on some public transportation routes.

The Easter Egg Hunting was initiated by the government in 2017, to encourage people to make use of public transport and to encourage children to go out in the streets to explore their surroundings.

A special Easter Egg is also on offer for the season, and is for sale in the shops.

It contains a chocolate Easter egg, which can be used in the Easter Egg hunt.

In addition, a special Easter egg hunt is available for children at all the stadiums of the Serie A and Champions League teams, to celebrate Easter.

The Italian football teams have announced the arrival on Sunday of the team that won the 2017-18 Italian championship, the Juventus Football Club.

The Juventus team will play host to the Palerma side in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Saturday.

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