‘I don’t want to be a woman’: ‘I’m not a feminist’

A man who wore a t-shirt reading “I don´t want to become a woman” while filming his new film has said he didn’t want it to be “a symbol of the patriarchy”.

“It was just an act of rebellion, really,” he said.

“I was going to be in a film that was a little more subversive.

I just thought, ‘I can be a feminist and have a bit of fun with it.'”

I don�t think there’s any other way to put it, I just don’t think there is.

“But, obviously, I am a feminist.”

The film, entitled The Legend of Zorro, is based on the comic book series.

Mr Williams said he had been inspired by the film, which is based in part on the original manga by Kazuo Sakaguchi.

“I wanted to make a film about the Japanese military in the 1930s, and I wanted to be part of the story, and it was something I could relate to,” he told reporters outside his home.

“It was really inspiring and inspiring to be able to look back on that film and see a group of young people being shot at for protesting against war, and that kind of thing.”

“I just wanted to try and create a film which could represent that.

It was just something that I could do.”

And it is a very important thing to me, I think, that it is not something that has been done before.

“In some ways, that was an inspiration for the film.”

The Legend of Zakorro follows Zakorros, a Japanese soldier who, after escaping his Japanese comrades during World War II, travels to Japan and takes on the name “Zakorro”.

Zakoro travels across Japan and encounters a Japanese samurai, Tatsumi, and the Japanese government forces him to take up arms against the Allied forces.

The Legend is due to be released in October 2018.

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