How to get an A-grade paper from your local printer

A paper that earns an A grade from the Royal Society of Arts and Letters can go on sale from Royal Mail next week.

The Royal Society says the new paper will feature the most sophisticated and innovative art in the world, and will be available to everyone in £4.99 per copy, with delivery starting from March 27.

RSA’s new paper has the potential to transform the art world, writes Andrew Geddes.

It is also a great value.

You can buy it for less than £2 per pound.

The paper was created by a team of artists, designers and artists from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Ireland, according to the Royal Institution of Arts.RSA says the paper will be used to print the next generation of artworks.

“A-grade papers are a great way of rewarding outstanding work that delivers high quality, unique value for money,” says Andrew Geades, director of media relations at Royal Mail.

“We’ve teamed up with the Royal Academy of Art to develop an excellent paper for the Royal Philharmonic.”

The Royal Philaletics is an outstanding artist-owned, public service institution with a dedicated mission to ensure that the world’s greatest artists and composers get their music heard.”RSA, which sells the paper online, said it has more than 10,000 artists on its staff.

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