I think it’s time to ban cute stationery

I think I’m the only one who can understand why people would buy stationery.

I know it’s cute and fun and all, but it’s a pretty lousy investment for the average person.

Sure, it’s good for a few minutes of inspiration, but after that, it doesn’t last very long.

And when I hear people say, “I’m going to buy stationeries when I’m a parent” — and I’m all for it, it really does make me smile, but I think that’s a false choice, especially if you are a parent with a small child.

I’ve seen it happen.

My daughter, who is a toddler, is obsessed with stationery, and I was always tempted to buy it.

But when she’s older, she’s starting to grow up, and it’s become too much of a burden.

She’s now using it more to decorate the bedroom or the bathroom, and she’s definitely going to spend more time than she ever did before.

It makes me sad, but at the same time, I’m happy to have this little treasure to help me look after my children.

The problem is, it also makes me a little sad that people don’t understand what it’s like to buy cute stationeries, or what the costs are, and how they actually work.

If you think stationery is cute, you should be able to find a stationery store that sells cute stationettes, or buy cute, but non-crafty, stationery to make sure you’re not spending too much money on stationery and end up buying the worst, most-inconvenient stationery available.

It’s hard to sell cute stationers to a child who doesn’t understand the value in them.

When I saw that adorable stationery I bought, I couldn’t help but think, How hard could it be to find one that would look good and be cute on the inside?

And I ended up buying a set of four adorable stationers from the store that had the most unique design in the store.

What to do if you want cute station, but can’t afford it?

I can tell you this much: It is possible to buy a cute stationer and get a cute little baby.

If you’re lucky enough to be able, it will probably be in the $30-40 range, or even cheaper.

I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but most parents will not be able or willing to spend that much.

In fact, I think many people are trying to sell their little ones cute stationets at a discount.

And, as a result, they’re putting their children in the worst possible situation.

Even if you’re willing to shell out the money, you’ll still have a lot of trouble finding the stationery that will be most cute.

For example, I know I’ve seen lots of parents spend a lot more than they should on stationeries.

I think you’re probably right.

I’ve even seen parents who bought the most expensive stationery end up having a baby who is so adorable, they could probably be considered a gift for the person who bought it.

But I know some people don�t have that luxury.

For example, some parents are willing to pay up to $100 for a set, but then they’re only going to use it a few times a week, and they’re spending so much on it that they can’t keep up with their own bills.

They�re paying over $200 for stationery just so they can use it once a month.

If that’s your situation, I�m sorry, but you�re going to be very disappointed if you get a stationer that doesn’t look good on the outside, or looks cheap and inconspicuous. Now, you�ll have a cute baby, but that�s not all.

I can also tell you that some of the more expensive stationers don�ll actually end up being bad for the baby.

I saw it happen to my own child, when she went to buy her first stationer.

When she was a toddler and the baby was a couple months old, the little girl was obsessed with it.

I asked her why she loved it, and her response was, “Because it�s so cute.”

I thought, Well, maybe I shouldn�t be so picky.

Maybe my child�s love of cute stationees will go away.

But then, just like with stationers, she kept getting them, and the little thing kept getting bigger and bigger.

Eventually, she said, I want to have a baby that looks like me, but doesn�t look like I look.

So I was like, What the heck, what�s a cute thing to say?

I bought her a cute and non-crafted stationery set and gave it to her when she was six months old.

She loved it and it

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