Asian stationeries company launches Valentine subscription box

Asian company Valentines stationery subscription boxes are set to go on sale next week, marking the end of Valentine’s Day.

Valentines is a Valentine’s day tradition where people buy gift cards for their loved ones.

This Valentine’s box is a subscription box to subscribe to a box of Valentine gift cards.

The company says the box is designed to help people celebrate Valentine’s with their loved one and is designed with an “artsy theme” to reflect that.

Valents box is set to be available in Japan on February 2. 

The company says it hopes to sell the box in the US on Valentine’s.

The box is $35 and comes with a gift card to the recipient and a subscription card.

The subscription box will be available for $9.99 and will be delivered by Valentine’s delivery service.

Valens Valentine’s subscription box is available for preorder on the company’s website. 

Valentine’s box has a variety of different Valentine’s themes, including: a “Love is a Verb” theme, “Glow in the Dark” theme and “Love and War” theme.

The boxes is available in a variety, including white, black, red, green and purple.

The box will cost $29.99.

The Valentine’s card subscription box also comes with the gift card and can be ordered for $29, $25 or $19.

The gift card can be purchased separately.

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