How to pick the perfect gift for a local stationer

Local stationery store owner and blogger Kelli Kelleher has a unique take on gift ideas for those who need something a little bit special for their local stationers.

“You can always ask your local station-owner to come up with something you can put on their fridge or tote,” she said.

“Or maybe you could get someone to do a quick ‘fancy’ gift for you.”

Kelleher said it was not unusual for stationers to buy stationery at local stores to add their own personal touch to a collection.

“There’s always a certain amount of personal touch that people have in store,” she explained.

“When I was a stationer, it was a big deal to go out and meet with the staff to get a good photo or a photo for a photo, or something for your stationer card.”

They were always really nice and I’m sure there’s some of that in their shop.

“But if it’s a gift that you can really give your stationers, then I’d definitely suggest you go for it.”

A small town stationer’s gift ideasKellehereer has a different approach to local stationing than other stationery owners.

“I think it’s really important that people give the stationers some sort of a unique gift,” she advised.

“That’s why we do a lot of custom gifts, like you see in my stationery shop, we have a ‘sitting room’ that’s lined with stationery.”

We also have some of the more expensive stationery and we have other gifts for sale, like stationery for a wedding.

“So we’ll give stationers a little something special for each stationer that they don’t get for themselves, so they can really add something to their collections.”

“You’re never too old to start getting something unique.”

Kellen’s adviceFor stationers who don’t want to buy their own stationeryKelleheers advice is to find out what your local store offers.

“It’s not too hard to find what you’re looking for,” she noted.

“If you’re a stationery buyer, it might be worth taking a look at a local store for a station-maker.”

“If it’s not a station maker’s store, it could be worth checking online to see if it has a lot more stationery in stock.”

Otherwise, I’d advise you to go with a local shop to find the right stationery that’s right for you.

“Maybe if you’re lucky enough to have a local business, then you could take advantage of that.”

For stationery enthusiastsKelleheres advice is for those looking to give stationery a new lease of life.

“Stationery has been a big part of the local culture for a long time, so I think it should be given a new life,” she concluded.

“As an example, I used to buy my stationers in my own house and it’s become a bit more difficult in recent years.”

Kellie’s guide to stationery gift ideasRead more”So if you think you’re going to be buying stationery to add something special to your collection, then do that.”

You can find stationery gifts at Kellehereers stationeryshop at 431 Main St, Richmond, Richmond Hills, NSW 2610.

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